Maria | Katre

(Pronounced muh-REE-uh KUH-tree)

Actress • Musician • Model

About Maria

Singer-songwriter, musician and actress based in Los Angeles. Maria was introduced to jazz and classical soul music at an early age. These genres of music established a foundation for her musical palette of 2017. After graduating from College, Katre relocated to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. After several acting opportunities, Katre went on to join SAG-AFTRA and receive agency representation.

Fast-forward three years and Katre has successfully booked numerous commercial, TV, and print jobs in the entertainment industry. Katre finally returned to music in the fall of 2012 by enrolling in Los Angeles City College’s music academy. Maria’s musical preferences encompass jazz and soul.  Maria has released three singles on all digital music platforms and is currently working on an EP, which is set to release in Fall 2017.